The Body Armour formula is comprised of ingredients that have been proven to:

Protein synthesis in the body
Relieve digestive discomfort
Connective tissue production
Energy production
Helps metabolism

Skin health
Bone health
Heart health
Wound healing
Muscle function
Collagen formation
Healthy body tissues
Red blood cell health
Immune system health
General health and wellbeing


The Science


Silybum marianum


Hovenia dulcis Thunb



Vitamin C & B Complex


Silybum Marianum

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Hovenia Dulcis

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the solution

So now we know how alcohol affects the body.

Body Armour is a unique formula with several ingredients known to replenishes lost nutrients and support your major organs. Ingredients known to regulate the activity of the two enzymes ADH and ALDH, and increase quantities of Glutathione makes Body Armour an excellent health option available to support your recovery time if you choose to consume alcohol.

Of course, the best way to ensure you can avoid the after effects of excessive alcohol consumption is not to drink at all however, we know many people enjoy a few socials  so why not give your body a bit of Body Armour before you go out so you can recover and perform better the next day.

Basically, we do not have enough good stuff in our body to break down and remove the bad stuff.

Alcohol is metabolized mainly by our largest internal organ, the liver. Converted into acetaldehyde, alcohol is broken down by a crucial peptide called glutathione and two enzymes called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH)

and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). This natural process works well when we consume very little alcohol, as the acetaldehyde is quickly removed.


Unfortunately, both enzymes and Glutathione are only naturally stored in limited volumes in the liver. This means they can quickly run out, especially when consuming alcoholic beverages. Here lies 'the problem'. When the enzyme tank is empty, this allows for the toxic compound ‘acetaldehyde’ to build up in the body, causing what we all know as 'a hangover'!



When you consume alcohol it interferes with our body’s natural balance of chemicals, making it difficult to break down toxic compounds such as acetaldehyde — which is 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself.


Acetaldehyde, along with a combination of several factors such as: low levels of the essential enzyme ADH & ALDH, sleep deprivation, dehydration and vitamin reduction lead to the physical symptoms of a hangover.  They include; fatigue, headache, redness of the eyes, muscle aches, nausea, thirst and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The list goes on!

We all know when we drink alcohol, the next day we can end up feeling a bit off our game and slow, maybe a bit “seedy”, and in some cases having a full on hangover. So scientifically, what is happening inside our bodies for such  symptoms to occur? For many years, body dehydration was diagnosed as the primary  result of excessive alcohol consumption. So solution just drink water. At Body Armour we weren’t happy with this answer. We discovered that hydrating through drinking water was simply not enough to effectively support the body when having to break down the alcohol induced toxins.

At Body Armour we are accepting the fact that many people enjoy having a sociable drink or two and of course we realize that sometimes we might just have a few too many. With this in mind, Body Armour has developed a combating solution for you that will at least provide your body with a fighting chance by loading it in advance with essential nutrients to support with the recovery process should you go over the top a bit and just want to feel more on your game then next day. The Body Armour formula is a regulated formula consisting of powerful ingredients proven to provide your body with liver cleansing agents amino acids, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. These ingredients are known to support your body in breaking down alcohol, boost your immune system and restore your body's natural balance. Let’s dig a little deeper into 'The Science' of Body Armour and discover how it really works!

What Is Glutathione?

It is hard to overstate the importance of Glutathione - The “Mother of all Antioxidants”. Glutathione (GSH) is a peptide consisting of three key amino acids which play a critical role in the removal of the toxic compound called ‘acetaldehyde’. Unfortunately, similar to ADH and ALDH, Glutathione is rapidly depleted when it’s put to work against alcohol. Once eliminated the toxic compound acetaldehyde begins to build causing the hangover. Many longevity researchers believe that Glutathione is so pivotal to your health that the level of this antioxidant in your cells may be a predictor for how long you will live. Luckily for you, Body Armour is packed full of essential ingredients which enhance the production of Glutathione.

It's science, not magic!


Three Irish men and an Australian walk into a it's not the start of a bad joke! Instead, it's a simple story of four friends whom all share the same love for the social scene. It’s a love shared by all of us to one degree or another, a pleasure that is often denied by our very selves due to the fear of wasting a day having to go through that dreaded hangover (which by the way seems to get worse and more vicious as the years go by!). Well, this band of merry men decided that “enough was enough”. Together with a team of chemists they set sail on the long journey that resulted in the birth of Body Armour. Let me introduce them individually...

Toni Mc Quinn
'The Wordsmith'

Toni McQuinn, the Director of Body Armour and mastermind behind this life saving invention.


Toni started working on his vision days after returning from Las Vegas where he celebrated his 30th birthday feeling his age as sin city put his partying skills to the ultimate test. Three years later, his mission to create a formula that would allow us all to continue enjoying our social drinks, but without feeling horrible the next day became a reality, Body Armour was born. Toni hails from Ireland but lived a large part of his youth in France. Now a proud citizen of Australia, he’s lived here for over 10 years.


Team quote describing Toni:

"The Irish are known for their extraordinary and imaginative storytelling. Toni has most definitely inherited that gift, better known in Ireland as “the gift of the gab”

The Wordsmith.

Tadhg MacMathuna
Development Manager
'The Socialist'
Patrick Sargent
Operations Manager
'The Big Friendly'
Oisin Mc Quinn
Marketing Manager
'The Youth'

Patrick is the level-headed one that grounds the team and keeps us out of trouble (most of the time).


Despite his extremely Irish name, Patrick or Sarge as we call him actually hails from Brisbane. Driven by curiosity he lived in Canada and Europe for many years, and is renowned for his array of extremely entertaining travel tales. As Patrick has a HR background, he’s extremely keen to provide a solution to reduce the sick leave and wasted days (or so-called “presenteeism”) caused by hangovers.



Team quote describing Sarge:

"A man that continues to surprise us with his wisdom and captivating ways to look at life, there's no other man like him” – The Big Friendly.

Tadhg MacMathuna has the most Irish name on the planet, but he’s better known as Tiger, especially to the ones unable to pronounce his name (which is basically anyone who isn’t Irish).


Tiger is a tradie from Co. Galway, arguably the best spot in Ireland for the traditional pub scene or the “craic” for you that have been to Ireland before. Australia is now his second home after living in Brisbane for over 10 years. Tiger knows the struggle is real when having to be up on the tools early in the morning after a late night! Body Armour is now the formula that helps him get more out of his week.


Team quote describing Tiger:

"Tiger is no doubt the most sociable person you'll ever meet. He's that guy everyone knows!- The Socialist.

Oisin, another tongue twister of a name commonly called 'ocean' here in Australia.


The name Oisin comes from an old Irish tale of the young prince of Ireland 'Oisin and Tír na nÓg'. Oisin is Toni’s younger brother and also the youngest of the Body Armour team. After completing his Engineering degree, Oisin flew right over to join the team offering his creative and design skills to help shape Body Armour's image. Being the youth, Oisin is here for business but loves to party!


Team quote describing Oisin: “Half man, half model with a creative and curious mind like you've never encountered before!"

 - The Youth

A message from the Body Armour Team -

"We will make your drinking experience healthier and help you claim back the next day but we do not encourage excessive or under age drinking. 

Shake, cheers & have fun but drink responsibly."

"We aim to help you get more out of life. A quality product and a community of partnerships are the platforms to our success" 

our Mission Statement

Body Armour 

The Start of Every Good Story.

Pushing Boundaries.

Bringing People Together.

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