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30th March 2019


4pm kick off


Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley QLD


At the door; $20 or show one empty bottle of Body Armour at entrance and get in for $10


Arrive before 6pm and receive a free raffle ticket for a 100k Luxury car, which will be on display in the beer garden

Multiple music acts, but none other than

“The Potbeleez”

headlining the night!

Our why...

“It began with a passion for socialising and meeting new people. It turned into a cause, a focus on bringing like minded people together, enabling new friendships and connections.”

- BA Team

Sneak peek into the event:

You will be automatically entered into a raffle for the chance to WIN a $100k luxury car if you arrive before 6pm

Amazing raffles, seeing lucky winners take home all sorts of prizes including signed Broncos jerseys, a year's supply of Body Armour and more!

Meet the beautiful Maxim team and get photos that will go into your history book.

Exclusive team of Body Armour 'testers' testing BA in the name of science!

One thing is for sure, it has highlighted once again the division perspectives can create. The big question posed to the Body Armour formula has been; does it encourage excessive drinking, or does it provide a healthy solution for the individual that is going to drink regardless? Well, for everyone out there that loves the social scene, accepts that drinking is part of our culture and sees no wrong with it when done responsibly of course, this event is for you! We are focused on bringing like minded people together, embracing the night life in a positive manner and thinking about tomorrow by providing a healthy option if one chooses to conduct the unhealthy activity of alcohol consumption.

Sounds like you? Come join us and be part of the very first event focused on bringing the cause to life. Held in our home town of Brisbane we are joining forces with multiple acts and brands, from The Potbeleez, to the Nova radio team, to the Maxim team, to Gangsta Wraps and many more. As expressed by Luttsy from the Nova team, “Its’s going to be big one!”

​“Time to put the Body Armour formula through another test. We are searching for 10 awesome people to join the Body Armour exclusive crew throughout the event.”


“The Body Armour Testers”

What’s this car raffle about?

You heard right! We have partnered up with Gangsta Wraps who are bringing a $100k luxury car to the event. The make and model of the car will be revealed on the day and parked on display in the beer garden. Here is the best part, one lucky winner will be taking this car home. The car will be raffled and all proceeds going to the amazing charity “I Can I Will Australia”. The charity promotes inclusion & creates life changing experiences for children being severely bullied due to their special needs. By coming to the event before 6pm, you are automatically entered into the draw for a chance to win this car!!

Tickets to enter the raffle will be available through the website www.icaniwillraffle.com and of course on the day itself. The raffle winner will be drawn live through their Instagram page @gangstawrapsaus. This promotion is owned and managed by Gangsta Wraps Australia and its T&C's listed under www.icaniwillraffle.com. An amazing cause and incredible prize!

What this entails:

Each individual can bring a +1. You will both be required to arrive at the event on time, yes 4pm on the dot. Being part of this crew will mean you receive:

  • Ticket to enter draw for a 100k luxury car

  • Free entry to the event 

  • Free food

  • Bar tab 

  • Meet and greets with our VIP’s

  • Participation of a unique activity designed for this exclusive crew only!

Of course, that’s not all, at entry, you will all be asked to consume a bottle of Body Armour, in the name of science. For maximum effectiveness, it is required that you go one hour without liquids (this allows your body time to absorb the formula and not flush it out). Upon consumption, the displayed countdown will commence, and the hour will be spent in an exciting activity that awaits you. Once the countdown hits zero, the bar tabs will open and the festivities can commence. Your feedback and opinion will be collected and shared as part of this testing experiment.​

Three rules only:

1. Arrive on time – 4pm

2. Do not drink alcohol prior to 4pm so we can do an effective test on you.

3. Be ready for a good laugh!


How do I become a “Body Armour Tester”?


Simple, you must be over 18 years of age, as does your plus one. Listen to Nova 106.9 breakfast show for your chance to be part of the Body Armour crew. Details will start to appear live on the radio channel 106.9 about one week prior to the event.