Meet The Team

Three Irish men and an Australian walk into a bar...

no, it's not the start of a bad joke! Instead, it's a simple story of four friends who all share the same love for the social scene. It’s a love shared by all of us to one degree or another, a pleasure that is often denied by our very selves due to the fear of wasting a day having to go through that dreaded hangover (which by the way seems to get worse and more vicious as the years go by!). Well, this band of merry men decided that “enough was enough”. Together with a team of chemists, they set sail on the long journey that resulted in the birth of Body Armour. Let me introduce them individually...


Toni Mc Quinn


-'The Wordsmith'

Toni McQuinn, the Director of Body Armour and mastermind behind this life saving invention.


Toni started working on his vision days after returning from Las Vegas where he celebrated his 30th birthday feeling his age as sin city put his partying skills to the ultimate test. Three years later, his mission to create a formula that would allow us all to continue enjoying our social drinks, but without feeling horrible the next day became a reality, Body Armour was born. Toni hails from Ireland but lived a large part of his youth in France. Now a proud citizen of Australia, he’s lived here for over 10 years.


Team quote describing Toni:

"The Irish are known for their extraordinary and imaginative storytelling. Toni has most definitely inherited that gift, better known in Ireland as “the gift of the gab”


Tadhg MacMathuna

Sales Manager

-'The Socialist'

Tadhg MacMathuna has the most Irish name on the planet, but he’s better known as Tiger, especially to the ones unable to pronounce his name (which is basically anyone who isn’t Irish).


Tiger is a tradie from Co. Galway, arguably the best spot in Ireland for the traditional pub scene or the “craic” for you that have been to Ireland before. Australia is now his second home after living in Brisbane for over 10 years. Tiger knows the struggle is real when having to be up on the tools early in the morning after a late night! Body Armour is now the formula that helps him get more out of his week.


Team quote describing Tiger:

"Tiger is no doubt the most sociable person you'll ever meet. He's that guy everyone knows!" - The Socialist.


Patrick Sargent

Operations Manager

-'The Big friendly'

Patrick is the level-headed one that grounds the team and keeps us out of trouble (most of the time).


Despite his extremely Irish name, Patrick or Sarge as we call him actually hails from Brisbane. Driven by curiosity he lived in Canada and Europe for many years, and is renowned for his array of extremely entertaining travel tales. As Patrick has a HR background, he’s extremely keen to provide a solution to reduce the sick leave and wasted days (or so-called “presenteeism”) caused by hangovers.



Team quote describing Sarge:

"A man that continues to surprise us with his wisdom and captivating ways to look at life, there's no other man like him” – The Big Friendly.


Oisin Mc Quinn

Marketing Manager

-'The Youth'

Oisin, another tongue twister of a name commonly called 'ocean' here in Australia.


The name Oisin comes from an old Irish tale of the young prince of Ireland 'Oisin and Tír na nÓg'. Oisin is Toni’s younger brother and also the youngest of the Body Armour team. After completing his Engineering degree, Oisin flew right over to join the team offering his creative and design skills to help shape Body Armour's image. Being the youth, Oisin is here for business but loves to party!


Team quote describing Oisin: “Half man, half model with a creative and curious mind like you've never encountered before!"

 - The Youth

Our mission

Life is a balancing act, work, social life, family on one side and health on the other.

Our mission is pretty simple, we want to provide a healthy convenient solution that aids our body tip the balance back in favour of our health.